Regenerative Culture Series

"Regenerative Culture Series" (2016)
Digital Composites

Total in the series: 8 Digital Prints
Ranging between 4 x 4 and 4 x 3 feet.

The prints consist of images taken from the web using Google.

The images were chosen because they include text that corresponds with a word that is part of a sentence, which in turn is part of a theoretical essay. Some images are altruistic compositions, while others are advertisements and logos among other things.

A specific word or group of words are highlighted in the text of each image in order to create a sentence, which can be read when viewing each composite from left to right. Each of the sentences forming the eight composites are taken from my 2015 essay "Regenerative Culture," which is a critical reflection on network culture.

The composites are designed to present a tension that opens both image and text for a critical reading of the slippage of meaning in the flow of networked production.

Project developed: May 2015 - August 2016
Online release: September 22, 2016

Eduardo Navas


Phrase 1

Title: "Cultural Production"
Sentence: Cultural production has entered a stage in which archived digital material can potentially be used at will.

Phrase 2

Title: "Mobile Communication"
Sentence: We can communicate with anyone and experience content using a mobile device while walking, riding a train, or flying in an airplane.

Phrase 3

Title: "Noise Domestication"
Sentence: The process of recording sound in a sense is driven by the human interest to domesticate noise.

Phrase 4

Title: "Human Drive"
Sentence: Humans strive to domesticate everything around them including the environment, animals, plants and viruses.

Phrase 5

Title: "Human Control"
Sentence: Viruses and sound can move in all directions and keep challenging human control: viruses biologically and sound culturally.

Phrase 6
Title: "Originality and Uniqueness"
Sentence: Nothing is original just unique to the moment in which it is experienced.

Phrase 7

Title: "Knowledge Exchange"
Knowledge has always been defined by flow and exchange of ideas and their application to specific criteria in which an individual or a collective is invested.

Phrase 8

Title: "Sampling as Meta Object"
Sampling turns performance into a meta object that can be played as an instrument.