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Fall 2011
ART 416 Advanced Web and Net Art: Multimedia Publishing
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Project 1: Introduction to New Media and Net Art Practice 15%

Due: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Choose two online videos. They need to be works of art, or of design. Analyze them and compare them by implementing the visualization techniques introduced in class.

You will need to present a consise set of visualizations that show how the videos were produced. You will also need to explain in writing how, in your view, the videos attain meaning.

Respond to the following questions in essay form:

Do they comment on something specific?
Are they critical? Do they promote a specific point of view? How do they achieve this?
What do they have in common? How do they differ?
What do you find most interesting of the videos? What is least interesting in your opinion?

Your response should be no longer than 700 words, and no less than 450. Make sure to include your visualizations in your essay when you turn it in.

Details on how to develop your visualizations:

1) Separate the frames for each video using Photoshop.

2) Import the frames into ImageJ, and create a montage as explained during class.

3) Study the montage carefully in order to note the videos' similarities and differences. Choose the frames that stand out for you as best examples for each video, and juxtapose them as you think best to make your point. (Use your creativity in this part of the presentation.)

4) Organize your frame presentation as best you can in order to answer the questions that you will answer in your essay (see questions above).

Important: You should discuss the videos of your choice with the instructor before committing to your analysis. Make sure to submit links with the reasons why you want to focus on it no later than September 1.