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Fall 2011
ART 416 Advanced Web and Net Art: Multimedia Publishing
Professor: Eduardo Navas (
T TH 2:30P - 05:30P

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Project 2: Exploring new media practice 15%

Due: Monday, October 11, 2011

Choose two pairs of videos. Each pair should share similarities that make them good for the mashup. Their combination should will make evident elements that may be taken for granted in the original videos. The first pair can be music videos. The second pair should be a dialogue (it can have music, but this one cannot be the base of the mashup). The two mashups cannot be longer than 2 minutes each. If the videos you choose are longer than two minutes, you will have to edit them accordingly.

You cannot use the videos you analyzed for your first project. You also cannot focus on the same genre you analyzed. You cannot mashup material that is already mashed up. All videos must be approved by the instructor before you move on to edit them.