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Fall 2010
ART 416 Advanced Web and Net Art: Multimedia Publishing
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Critical Essay 20%

Due: Tuesday, November 8, 2010

From the Net Works books, choose two projects that we discussed but which are not discussed together in the same chapter, then choose an extra project from the book that we have not discussed in class. You must do a comparative analysis of the projects in the following way:

  • Summarize in your introductory paragraph why you chose these projects.
  • Explain how you will compare them
  • Summarize the first project
  • Summarize the second project
  • Summarize the third project
  • Compare them carefully.
  • Conclusion

When you transition from the first project to the second, you should create a "bridge," that is a sentence or two that introduces your next analysis. At opportune times, you should reference the first project to make evident your points of comparison. When you move from the second project to the third, you should do the same as before: transition and comparison. At this point you should make reference to the other projects when you think it's appropriate. Then move on to fully emphasize the projects' similarities and differences. In your conclusion, you should develop a personal opinion on the difference and similaraties discussed: how they relate to your own interests as a developer/creative practioner/artist.

Your text can be no less than 1500 words, and no more than 3000.