Professor: Eduardo Navas (

Dreamweaver HTML Lecture #5

In order to make sure that you don't have problems with your html files once they are uploaded to the school server, make sure you define a root folder by doing the following:

At the top of Dreamweaver, select: Site > Manage Sites. A window will appear. Select "new" a submenu will appear, here also select "site". In the proper areas, fill in the name of the site (name it whatever you like), then click the folder in the section titled "Local Root Folder" and look for the folder where you have all your html files, select it. the name you assign to the site will appear. next time you open Dreamweaver, you can go to "Manage Sites" and select the corresponding site.

Doing this will allow you to keep your relative links consistent. As you develop several projects in Dreamweaver, you will have various site names. Whenever you are done with a site, you can delete it from the list the "manage site" option.

Whenever you see a link like this:
file:///Eduardo HD/Users/eduardonavas/Desktop/sdsu/sdsu07Files/sdsu07/344index.htm

It means that your root folder is not set up properly. Stop and double check your root folder. Make sure to repeat the instructions described above.