POEMITA (little poem) January 2010 to present. (Eduardo Navas)

Using @poemita on Twitter for experimental writing. Tweets are repurposed to develop different projects. Links to selected works remixing poemita tweets appear below.


Project Below: "#Thread_e_nd_story"
Four short stories written based on a speculative theory of memory reconstruction .

A story in print offers a physical relation with one’s imagination. One’s engagement begins when casually considering its potential by holding the publication to examine the cover, then turning it to look over the spine. It’s a book; not so thin, not so thick.

— Eduardo Navas (@poemita) October 21, 2018

Our character walks out to encounter a flood on level six. Quite unexpected considering the sunny day. It must have rained earlier, hence the question by the man in the elevator about the weather. Our character must have been too busy with work to notice.

— Eduardo Navas (@poemita) December 27, 2018

Riding. Where to? Destination is always predetermined, even when it is to nowhere; no specific place. Not knowing is romantic. Destination is the same for everyone and everything. It’s a loop that becomes meaningful through process. Experience. What about...

— Eduardo Navas (@poemita) December 19, 2019

Loops. Memories. The structure, two thirds of it not seen. The base, the foundation can only be experienced physically. Everyday [De]gentry enters the first floor (the base), only to go to the top for a ride. S/h/e thinks about access. Looks back. Waits.

— Eduardo Navas (@poemita) February 7, 2020