January 2010

[Re]Cuts is a remix of image, sound, and text inspired by William Burroughs's aesthetics of tape recording. The video is also influenced by his cut-up method as defined for writing in "The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin." The video does not follow the strict cup-up rules professed by Burroughs, but rather considers his aesthetics as a point of reference to develop a non-sensical narrative.

[Re]Cuts was developed around a text, which I wrote during a brainstorm session, which I later edited in relation to image and sound footage that were primarily chosen at random from travels that I took in the last few years. The material was edited with the deliberate purpose to create a narrative that does not add up to anything specific, but rather challenges specificity. The only prerequisite to my system was to create rhythm between the three elements: image, sound, and text.

[Re]Cuts was specifically developed for an exhibition at IMT Gallery in London, inspired by Burroughs's experimentation with tape recordings. The exhibit takes place in May 2010. I thank Mark Jackson for the invitation and the opportunity to exhibit my work.

The video is meant to be experienced in a gallery installation, or DVD format. It is available online at a lower resolution for the sake of sharing it with the online community

Inquiries: eduardoATnavasseDOTnet

Footage taken at the following places:
Long Island, NY, 2008
Montevideo, 2006
San Diego, 2007
Santiago de Chile, 2006
Rome, 2006
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