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Fall 2015
Art 415 Integrating Media: Convergence in Practice
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Project 2: Emphasis on Sound and Image 25%

Due: Monday, November 9, 2015

Analyze three videos using the methods described in the Video Analysis Tutorial available on Angel. You should choose three videos that appear to have something in common in terms of sound. You cannot analysize music videos. Run the three tests for Montage, Orthogonal Views, as well as Average Intensity to develop your assessment. Look for differences and similarities.

You should include all images in a PDF document with a brief explanation of what you learned, and also share any further questions that may arise from the study.

Once you have analyzed the videos, you need to develop a video of your own which explores the one thing you find common in all three videos. You may use stop motion techniques, cinemagraphs, or any other techniques discussed thus far in class.

Possible things to look for in the three videos (note that you need to choose the videos based on their sound, but pay attention to other things you could evaluate for your own project):

  • If the videos share colors, develop a video that revisits the approach formally.
  • If the videos appear to have a lot of close-ups, mid-shots, or wide-shots, develop a video that explores this commonality with similar shots of your own.
  • If the videos share similar camera angles (high, low, mid, etc), but maybe the shot is different (close-ups, mid view and wide view) then develop a video that explores this commonality with similar angles.
  • If you want to focus on sound, pay attention to what happens visually in specific moments when sound that similar or common to the videos plays, then decide how to implement in some way the visuals and sound elements in your own video.

It's up to you to decide the focus, but whatever your choice, it must be something that you analyzed in all three videos.


  • You must also analyze the sound of the video and evaluate how it supports the image-sequence and overall message.
  • You may remix the sound, or develop sound of your own that relates conceptually to all three videos.
  • Before you shoot your video footage, you must consider how the video editing affects the way the content is perceived in the video you analyzed, then shoot your video with this in mind.
  • Consider how your content is defined or affected by the montage arrangement and sound design of the videos you analyzed.
  • You are free to edit the sound of your own video as you find necessary to make it meet the expectations you may set out for yourself. It may be interesting to take images from the video footage and process them as sound to then implement the sound-mix as part of your final video project.

Mode of Presentation

  • Write a 250 word text that explains why you chose the videos. Describe how you see the content you produced being defined by the montage and sound. Do you see any similarities in terms of aesthetics, even when the content may be different? e.g. if the original videos appear violent, sad, fast, happy, etc, does any of this transfer to your own video based on the montage? How does the way you edited the sound affect the aesthetics of your video?
  • Upload all visualizations you developed for your analysis.