Penn State University - School of Visual Arts
Fall 2015
Art 415 Integrating Media: Convergence in Practice
Professor: Eduardo Navas (
Mondays & Wednesdays 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesays 12 PM - 1 PM
206 Arts Cottage

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Project 3, Part 1, Worth 15%

Develop a video art installation of at least two components, which could include projections on walls or any surface of your choice (artists in the past have used diverse surfaces to project from the floor to the ceiling as well as custom made devices and furniture, etc.). You can also use monitors and other devices such as tablets, or iPads, etc.

We will be installing the work on Wednesday, December 2 for critique. We will be using the studio area of room 207A to install. You wil need to be in the room earlier than usual to be able to install properly. Critiques will begin at 3 PM. You should plan ahead to make sure the installation goes smoothly, and you are able to set up in one hour, so that we have a critique on time. Details will be discussed in the weeks prior to the project deadline.

You need to consider the relation of image and text as discussed during class lectures. You must use text in someway in the video installation. The text could be complementary to the overall message you are trying to convey, but at the same time, it should provide some tension to make the work more interesting, and open-ended in terms of meaning.

You need to share with class members your project idea by Wednesday, November 16, 2015, by posting it to the corresponding forum. Given that this is a more complex work, you should also share sketches/diagrams/drawings of how you see your work functioning as an installation. We will also need to discuss how to locate the pieces in the space so that they complement each other.

The length of the video does not matter because it will be on a loop, and it wil be treated as an art object that viewers will encounter as they walk through a gallery. Instead of length of video, you should consider how video could be part of an installation, and use video footage that is relevant to your idea. You can think of the video as an object (sculpture) or an immersive environment that borrows language from film and the visual arts (particularly sculpture and performance).


  • You can take the opportunity to explore video installation formally. For instance, what does it mean to present video as an object in an actual space as opposed to something on the screen? What if you had two devices set up so that they appear to be having a discussion? (This has been done plenty, and it is mentioned as an example for you to have an idea of how to think of video as more than just something on a single screen.)
  • You can also use a video installation for commentary on a subject of your interest. In this case, you should carefully consider what the subject is, and evaluate how an installation will be successful in delivering a critical view on the subject of your choice.

We will discuss details for concept development further in class.

Technical/Formal Requirements:

  • While video time is not a primary issue, you should consider a time that is relevant to the concept you want to explore.
  • You must consider the rhythm in your editing as discussed in class critique. For instance, when you let a shot/image linger, it must be for a reason.
  • Optional but strongly encouraged: use the green screen to shoot footage that will then become part of your installation.
  • The sound should be mixed in a way that complements but may also question the video as installation.
  • You can use any special effects you may want to add with any software of your choice: compositing, etc. You will be graded this time on the quality of your video and lighting in relation to the installation.
  • You must mix your sound well and not go into the red.
  • You must shoot your own footage, but you can use some pre-existing material if it is necessary for your idea. Discuss this option with the instructor for approval.
  • You are strongly encouraged to develop a piece that is critical of a subject of your choice such as politics, race, ethnicity, class difference, etc.

You must upload all files, video footage on Box with a proper link on Angel, or provide links to the source for proper viewing.